I Love You. THE ANIMATION Vol.2 demo movie
[Story] "I Love You." "Will you marry me?" "Fall In Love, Maiden" "I Love You." On Christmas Day, Akane is watching her favorite idol group's Christmas Eve live performance at her boyfriend Icchan's place. The two get excited and play around with each other when... "If you don't tell me that you love me, I can't tell. ♪" The lyrics of the song that was playing reminds her that she never heard Icchan tell her that he loves her. That makes her sulky... Although embarrassed, Icchan conveys his feelings towards her and the two have sex. They also promise that someday they will do it without protection. "Will you marry me?" 8 years later... "Fall in love, maiden" Mizuki is pumped up as she heads to her boyfriend Kento's place. She has made up her mind to lose her virginity today. Sadly, her plan fails. Mizuki shouts out her feelings by the river. When she sees... Kento was standing right behind her. All in a panic, Mizuki falls down and is brought back to Kento's. Amongst the awkwardness, Mizuki goes for it. She hugs her boyfriend. "I'm going to get mad if you just send me home after this..."