Lord Knight Komplex - Knightess in the Magic Castle
* Product description A side-scrolling action RPG with the female Lord Knight from R*gnarok Onl*ne as the protagonist. However, the game can be enjoyed even if you aren't familiar with the source material! In this 2.5D game (a 2D scroller made using almost entirely 3D models), you play as the Knightess Emilia, and use swords, knives, tomahawks, and more to destroy your enemies. Gather power-up items, and blast through the fields and dungeons! If enemy attacks bring you to 0 HP, or you receive consecutive attacks, you will go down. If you have HP, you can still get back up, but if monsters catch you in your downed state, you'll be violated on the spot! Featuring over 20 types of enemies such as bandits, orcs, mermen, tentacle monsters, insects, and fish! H scenes can be viewed afterward in Gallery Mode, and with full 3D, you can view them from any angle you like! To unlock scenes in the Gallery, simply defeat or be defeated by the corresponding monster. There is no need to purposely lose to unlock scenes. There is no Game Over; even if your HP reaches 0, you'll respawn at a save point, and you can continue your journey immediately! * Trial version The trial version includes one area, with some specially placed monsters that usually aren't there. The trial version includes 7 H scenes in total (all can be viewed in the Gallery) Save data from the trial version cannot be transferred to the full product. * This product was created using Unity3D. Please confirm your PC meets the minimal system requirements, and test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility. If the game runs slowly on your device, first try adjusting the in-game settings. * For those who simply want to view the Gallery, full-unlock data is included