Princess escape
** Story Princess Charlotte of the kingdom came to the fort positioned at the forefront of the battle with the monsters. However, in the middle of the welcome meeting, a large crowd of monsters suddenly attacked the fort. The fort fell and the princess was taken prisoner. Although she should be devoted to the monster king, the princess continued to receive training from the wooden horse device. At the moment she was imprisoned by an intelligent monster and continued to receive training, but if she took one foot outside, she would be caught by ogres and goblins with meager intelligence, and penetrative abuse was waiting for her. However, if she succumbed to the training of the monsters as is she would become the meat slave of the monster king. Without holding out much hope, she continued to fight on desperately. At that time, it became very boisterous outside, and the monitoring monster did not appear. It seems that the battle to recover the fort by the National Guard had begun. "It is now or never", thought the Princess as she dragged her heavy shackles. ** Escape action There are a wide variety of traps and pits in the nest of the monsters. Dodge your way through those traps and proceed while solving mysteries. Of course, if you are discovered by any monsters loitering in the dungeon... then battle fuck! If you don't want to get lewd, make sure you are not discovered and escape! ** Erotic animation Includes all erotic animation, such as standing figures, battles and events. Of course, there is full voice (Voice actor: Paco Shirakawa) Battle here means "battle fuck" If you allow the monsters who come rutting are allowed to cum, they will win. If the lewdness of the princess increases, she will quickly learn new sex skills. There are many erotic events when solving the puzzle. You can learn the erotic skills by solving the sexy puzzle. ** Others (1) If you clear the game, sexy events are released, and you can see erotic scenes at any time. (2) There is a maximum of 30 frames within a second. There are times when the operation becomes heavy, so please check this out in the trial version. (3) The game size is over 1.7GB. There is a possibility that this will not start depending on your PC spec, please confirm the operation in the trial version.